Poem: So I Say

Another headache

The third today

We all have them

So they say


I’m getting dizzy

My vision blurred

Your getting older

Don’t be absurd


I’m staying home

Too tired to go

Go see your doctor   

She should know


Too many symptoms

You must be stressed

Take medication

And get some rest


I cannot think well

Can’t find the words

My memory slipping

My speech gets slurred


We’ll get a scan

Since you insist

If we find nothing

Please don’t persist


Don’t make me laugh

Don’t make me cry

It hurts to strain

I don’t know why 


Your scan is fine

By report today

Incidental Chiari

So they say



What do you mean

By a doctor

I have not seen


It is anxiety

That makes you so

The world is stressful

I think you know


I pulled away

Gave up, or such

Until the pressure

Became too much


I waded through

The Internet

Fearful of loosing

What I had left


It took some time

To come to know

My brain is hanging

Down too low


With every beat

The fluid flows

Deep in the brain

To the opening below


The rush of fluid

Seeking release

Finds cerebellum

Which makes it cease


The pressure spikes

My head explodes

It makes such sense

Now that I know


Working together

We’ll find a way

To make it better

So I say


John Oró


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