Chiari Clinical & Research Fellowship

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  1. The Chiari Care Center at The Medical Center of Aurora (TMCA) in Aurora, Colorado, in conjunction with the Conquer Chiari Research Center (CCRC) at The University of Akron, Ohio are offering a 6-month clinical and research fellowship with focus on Chiari 1 Malformation with or without syringomyelia. 
  2. Application is available to candidates in an ACMGE accredited Neurosurgery residency program, or that have completed training.
  3. During the first 3-month rotation, under the direction of Dr. John Oro’, Director of The Chiari Care Center at TMCA in Aurora, Colorado, the successful candidate will focus on the differential assessment and non-operative and surgical management of adults with the Chiari 1 Malformation with or without syringomyelia. 
  4. During the second 3-month rotation, under the direction of Dr. Bryn Martin, Research Assistant Professor of Engineering at the University of Akron and Director of the Conquer Chiari Research Center, the successful candidate will participate in research to quantify the geometric impact of decompression surgery utilizing 3D modeling of imaging and intra-operative data gathered during the first 3 clinical months.  An engineering background is a plus, but not a requirement.
  5. The Chiari Care Center is one of the nations leading referral centers for Chiari malformation and syringomyelia. It provides a differential assessment for patients with the Chiari I malformation who are 14 years of age or older, as well as the differential assessment of patients suffering persistent symptoms or complications following prior posterior fossa decompression surgery. Further information on The Chiari Care Center is available at
  6. The Medical Center of Aurora, part of the largest healthcare system in the region, is licensed as a 346-bed Level II Trauma Center.  It serves eastern metro Denver and Eastern Colorado and has one of the busiest Emergency Departments in the state. TMCA is one of only 5% of hospitals nationwide to achieve the Magnet Recognition for Excellence in Nursing from the American Nurses Credentialing Center.
  7. The TMCA Chiari service is directed by a neurosurgeon with 17 years of subspecialty experience in the Chiari I malformation (Dr. Oró), two specialized nurse practitioners (Diane Mueller, ND, RN, FNP-BC and Kimberly Sexton, FNP-BC) and supported by anesthesiologists, instensivists, internists, nurses, and therapists with experience in these disorders.
  8. The Conquer Chiari Research Center is a state-of-the-art research facility in Akron, Ohio, staffed with distinguished engineering researchers who apply the latest engineering techniques and analysis to improve diagnosis and treatment options for Chiari patients.  It is the first non-clinical center solely dedicated to improving the lives of Chiari patients by advancing the scientific understanding of Chiari malformation.  Since it’s establishment in 2012, the CCRC has received over $1.2M in federal and foundation grant funding to conduct research in Chiari malformation. 
  9.  CCRC’s multidisciplinary research team is comprised of 12 faculty members with expertise in molecular biology, cognitive neuropsychology, biology, chemistry, electrical and mechanical engineering, and mathematics.  The Chiari Fellow will benefit from working with this diverse group of researchers.  Information on the ongoing research activities at the CCRC can be accessed via the web at:
  10. At $25,000 stipend will be awarded the selected candidate for the 3-month rotation at The Medical Center of Aurora. The candidate will be responsible for cost of food and housing during the duration of the 6-month fellowship.
  11. An educational stipend of $10,000 will be awarded the selected candidate for the Conquer Chiari Research Center 3-month rotation.  The candidate will also receive a travel stipend of $500 for airfare and $1500 for purchase of a computer workstation for completion of the project work.
  12. Working collaboratively, it is expected that the Fellow will submit as first author at least two articles for publication in peer-reviewed journals. The CCRC has a strong publication record with over 20 publications in the last three years specifically in the area of cerebrospinal fluid dynamics and Chiari malformation.
  13. Neurosurgical residents or neurosurgeons seeking to improve their understanding and skills in the evaluation and management of these disorders and/or pursuing a research career are encouraged to apply. 
  14. Invitation to interview for the fellowship will be based a recommendation letter from the Residency Program Director, or a colleague for those in practice, and current curriculum vitae. For more information about the fellowship, contact John J. Oró, MD at and Bryn A. Martin, PhD at To apply, send a brief letter of interest and a CV to and Bryn A. Martin, PhD at