The Chiari Symptom Profile: Key points

  • The Chiari Symptom Profile (CSP) is the first and only patient-based Chiari outcome scale.
  • The CSP for use in measuring patient-based outcome following decompression of the Chiari I malformation with our without syringomyelia.
  • Statistical analysis was supported by a research grant from Conquer Chiari.
  • Statistical reliability and validity of the CSP assessed using PAWS resulted in a Cronbach alpha of .958 (p=.0001) “demonstrating this survey has strong reliability as a survey tool for Chiari symptoms.”
  • The CSP is comprised of 57 items that the patient rates on a Likert-type scale from 0-4, depending on the frequency/severity of the symptom.
  • The lowest possible score is 0 (no disability); highest possible score is 228 (severe disability).
  • The scale measures outcome in four realms:  Physical, Social, Functional and Psychological.
  • The CSP developed under the direction of John Oró, MD, Director of The Chiari Care Center in Aurora, Colorado.
  • Diane Mueller, ND, RN, FNP-BC took the lead in development.
  • At The Chiari Care Center, the CSP is administered and graded by an advanced practice nurse.
  • The instrument is available to any practitioner interested in its use. Contact Diane Mueller, ND, RN, FNP-BC at 303-481-0035 for more information or send a message through the Contact page.

Abstract:  Mueller DM, Oro' JJ.  The Chiari Symptom Profile: development and validation of a Chiari-/syringomyelia-specific questionnaire. J Neurosci Nurs. 2013 Aug;45(4):205-10.

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